I worked in architecture for twelve years before returning to education to study art graduating in 2002.




2016 Lichfield Art Prize: Finalist


2012 John Moores Painting Prize Walker Gallery Liverpool




2015 Staithes Studios North Yorkshire



solo exhibitions:


2019 Balancing Act &Gallery, Edinburgh


2019 Safekeeping Staithes Studios Gallery, North Yorkshire


2018 Conscious Perception The Stratford Gallery


2016 Susan Laughton The Cold Press, Holt, Norfolk


2015 Travelling Light Quercus Gallery, Bath


2011 Still Here greenroom, Manchester curated by Blank Media collective


2010 Measured Space Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery, Malton,

         North Yorkshire see more


2009 Sightlines Salford Museum & Art Gallery including curation of works

         from Salford’s permanent collection see more


2008 Haworth Museum & Gallery Accrington


group exhibitions:


2019 Constructs of Colour The Old Lock Up Gallery, Derbyshire


2019 Fresh: Contemporary Art Fair, Cheltenham Racecourse


2018/19 Organic Form Gallery 57, Arundel


2018/19 Winter exhibition The Stratford Gallery


2018 Initial Sighting &Gallery, Edinburgh


2018 A contour, a curve - the lie of the land Gallery 57, Arundel


2018 JOURNEY The Stratford Gallery, Stratford upon Avon


2018 Fresh: Contemporary Art Fair, Cheltenham Racecourse


2018 The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea represented by The Art Agency


2018 Winter The Stratford Gallery


2017 Mixing Signals Kobi & Teal, Frome, Somerset


2017 Gaze, Glimpse: Looking at landscape Gallery 57, Arundel


2017 Ikigai: A reason for living The Old Lock Up Gallery, Derbyshire


2017 A Time for Reflection The Stratford Gallery, Stratford upon Avon


2017 Presence Artwave West, Morecombelake, Dorset


2016 Opening Exhibition The Stratford Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon


2016 Buy Art Fair Manchester, represented by Staithes Studios


2016 Open Exhibition The Old Station Gallery, Rowsley, Derbyshire


2016 Responses in Colour Artwave West, Morecombelake, Dorset


2016 Lichfield Art Prize: Finalist Lichfield Cathedral, Emporium Gallery


2016 A Certain Language Staithes Studios gallery, North Yorkshire


2015 Drawn 2015 The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol


2015 The Still Point Quercus Gallery, Bath


2014 Bristol Affordable Art Fair represented by Columbia Road Gallery


2014 Quercus Gallery Summer Show


2014 Hampstead Affordable Art Fair


2013 Battersea Affordable Art Fair


2013 New York City Affordable Art Fair


2013 neo:artprize exhibition neo:gallery 22, Bolton


2013 Hampstead Affordable Art Fair


2013 Palace Art Fair Fulham, London


2013 Bristol Affordable Art Fair


2012 Artlink Stockport Art Gallery, Cheshire


2011 Artificial Light Cupola Gallery, Sheffield


2011 A Different View The Barefoot Gallery, Boston Spa, Yorkshire


2011 No.1: Paint BLANKSPACE Gallery, Manchester


2011 Barnaby Festival Macclesfield


2011 Stockport Contemporary Open Stockport Art Gallery, Cheshire


2010 Palace Art Fair Fulham, London


2009 Art of Ideas II Arts & Business/Arts Council exhibition selected by

         Stephen Snoddy, Director of the Walsall Gallery


2009 Findings Valley Artists at Towneley Museum & Gallery, Burnley


2009 Survey Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire


2009 Buy Art Fair Urbis, Manchester, represented by Arts&Business


2008 Brighton Art Fair


2007 Tony Scrivener & Susan Laughton Firbob & Peacock

         Contemporary Art, Knutsford, Cheshire see more


2007 Brighton Art Fair


2007 Open Exhibition Grosvenor Museum, Chester


2006 Calder Gallery Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire


2006 Haworth Open Haworth Gallery, Accrington, Lancashire


2006 Landmarks III Lowood Gallery, Armathwaite, Cumbria


2005 Sculptural Possibilities Cupola Gallery, Sheffield





2006 Arts Council Grant





2008 Valley of Stone: art commission and community workshop with five

         Valley Artists for Groundwork Pennine Lancashire (with Heritage

         Lottery funding) to raise awareness of the quarrying heritage of






Axisweb for Artists www.axisweb.org/p/susanlaughton

Visual portfolio by Arts & Business





2002  BA (Hons) Visual Art and Design (First) University of Bolton

1987  HND Building Technology Bolton Institute





Vale Artists Studios, Congleton, Cheshire 2018 - present

Electric Picture House Artists Co-operative, Congleton, Cheshire 20112017

Victoria Mill Arts Centre, Congleton, Cheshire 2010 - 2011

Valley Artists, Rossendale, Lancashire 2004 - 2010


abstract landscape art, round paintings, contemporary landscape painting, tree painting, abstract architectural form, urban landscape painting,
abstract landscape art, round paintings, contemporary landscape painting, tree painting, abstract architectural form, urban landscape painting,

We are constantly blasted with visual information, to the extent we may no longer look and see. Susan’s pared down landscapes bring order, balance and control to an often chaotic visual world as she observes the distant and mundane and brings to the viewer a new ordered sense of beauty.


Susan’s paintings, like the landscape she is inspired by, reach their outcome after a slow, long process of give and take, adding to and taking away.


Stef Mitchell

Artist and Curator



The work by Susan Laughton shimmers with subdued colour, elegant and restrained but captured fleeting glimpses of landscape and structure you sometimes don’t remember seeing. The combination of craftsmanship and intelligence leaves a lasting impression.


Hilary Angle





It’s not often that I insist people see something up close to appreciate its beauty, but in the case of Susan Laughton’s work, I do. The iridescence of each piece, and the sense of stillness they exude, requires more than just a jpeg. Each trace line has meaning, each tiny mark a message like some kind of artist hieroglyphics. The overall effect is incredibly calm & beautiful.


Fiona Bailey

The White Gallery




On looking at photographic images of Drifting I, a work that appears sparse, yet up close is richly and imperfectly textured, I am reminded of a similar experience of getting  caught up in the physical details an inch or so away from Agnes Martin's large format abstract works. However, unlike that subjectless painter's work, Drifting I holds open a space between the primacy of material, the quavering, scratched visual field and a barely-there narrative snapshot of what might be snowfields at dusk. Taking seriously that painterly dialectic between its function as emotive, symbolistic window-to-the-soul and as opaque, modernist object, this work's shadowed, white borders also lend it a 'polaroid' quality, hinting at an as-yet undeveloped, or perhaps lost, momentary vision.


Significantly, Laughton's titles ostensibly refer to events and objects figured in a bleak Northern landscape: drifting snow, getting lost and finding one's way, clouds, traces of journeys and storms. Yet, as attention to the physical working and reworking of her paintings reveals, these words and phrases refer as much to the process of raw materials - acrylic, gouache and plaster - dragging and 'drifting', tracing and layering right there on the canvas, as they do to any inner or outer world.


Becky Hunter

Writer and UK Editor of Whitehot magazine.


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